I’ve Got the Mother In Law Blues

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YIKES!!! This girl truly has her hands full as a newlywed woman with her new MIL and she’s asking for help!

Ok, I’m new to this site simply because i’m about to go crazy if I don’t get some advice on this topic. Lets start by saying that my mother-in-law is getting married as soon as my husband gets home from deployment about 1000 miles far from us and we are going to her wedding. Well point is i’m freaking out! I’m having nervous attacks, because ever since i’ve been married to my husband she has been “rude” to me and it seems like she tries to compete with me for my husband’s attention!

Some examples would be.. When he rubs my shoulders she will bat her eyes at him and make a comment like “why do her shoulders get rubbed and not mine?” I feel like screaming “because i”m his wife and he loves me God forbid he rubs my shoulders!”

Or another time I made a nice dinner set the table and all and I marinated the chicken in Dr. Pepper (which you cannot taste) she refused to eat my dinner I made her. One time I called her to vent about one of our arguements and somewho the topic got brought of of cheating and I told her, “I would never ever cheat on my husband” and she said “yeah well thats wat michelle said too”. Michelle is my husband’s brother’s ex-wife.

Another time was when we went to go visit my brother in law to meet our new niece for the first time and my mother in law has met her several times and she shouts out ” I get to see Taylor first and hold and play with her before anyone gets to because i’m her grandma!” (in a rude manner).

I’m just fed up with her rude remarks towards me. I feel like she doesn’t accept me and it hurts because more then anything I would love to be close with her. I am very respectful and nice to her but that doesn’t work. I’m starting to feel resentful towards her. I also get bugged because she never ever calls my husband not even on holidays to check on him. He’s been deployed 3 months and she has not called me once! I don’t know what to do!

Any suggestions?

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