Costa Rica Wedding Music

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There are several options for the music you choose for your wedding, both for the Wedding Ceremony and the Wedding Reception. Options include:

Live Music / Bands
Wedding Disc Jockey
Strings / Percussion

Wedding Ceremony Music

If you choose a beach wedding along the Pacific Coast you might want something to compliment the sounds of the ocean easing onto the shore. An indoor setting would also benefit from a soft musical tone weaving through the ceremony. Some couples have their destination guests play a role in the ceremony by singing a meaningful or religious song. This is always a special role, whether singing or playing a string instrument, guests, and the bride and groom will forever remember.

If you would like all of your guests to just sit back and relax and enjoy some special melodies during your vow exchange we can provide the perfect musical backdrop. There are two traditional options for ceremony music. You can always bring us your idea and we can find the person our group to suit your musical needs.

Whether it is a soloist or string musician/ band, we have the sources available. Typically these musicians charge per hour, and have a 2 hour minimum. The minimum time always works out nicely because they can be the liaison between your wedding service to the reception. They will entertain your guests while you are away with the photography team, through cocktail hour, and even up until a live band or DJ would take the lead. Another benefit of a soloist or string artist/duo is they are professionals and perform with their own equipment. Many of these artists are willing to share a microphone if you want to mix their services and your guests singing for the group.

Music for Wedding Reception

Choosing your DJ or band is a crucial decision for your wedding reception. A good DJ or band keeps the celebration going all night and the energy high. A bad one has your guests looking at their watches and ready to head home. Regardless of your choice, Costa Rica Wedding Planners will walk you through the process of selecting the right Band or DJ for your celebration!

Some groups want to be announced and walk in to a special song for each couple from the bridal party. Others prefer a lower key announcement of the bride and groom. Regardless of your personal taste to set the tone of your ceremony we can help you select the right DJ or Live Band to provide dinner music and dance your guests away into the night.

Wedding Disc Jockey

Is a good option for the couples who want to have a say in some songs or even ever y song played throughout the night from the meal, traditional bridal party dances, to the party/dancing music. Depending on your personal taste we would recommend one of many Wedding Disc Jockeys. With one of our local DJs you can also experience a little bit of culture mixed in with some of the music you and your guest might be used to hearing from home.

Live Band

This is a wonderful way to really get everyone up and moving! Who can’t sit still when there are amazing artists performing right in front of you? There are a wide range of live music options that will not disappoint your expectations. Whether you want Traditional Costa Rican music, Reggae, 80’s music- anything you can imagine-there is a band here that has come up with the same idea. Most Live bands are willing to learn one or two of your special songs for the traditional dances, or they will have no problem if an IPOD or other musical device takes center stage for awhile.